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Wednesday, July 11th 6pm

NonProfit Founder & Financial Literacy Advocate

James A. Sullivan, from the small town of Maplesville, AL, James finds himself currently working as a Sr. Buyer in the Supply Chain Management Department. In recent years, James became inspired and founded MILLEN Forward. MILLEN Forward, a nonprofit that sparks the conversation and ACTION among Millennials to empower thousands of families by identifying social and entrepreneurial initiatives through financial education, real estate investing, technology and ideation in the local community and abroad.


James holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL, Master of Science in Management from Faulkner University, Montgomery, AL, and is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor. He currently serves as President of the Central City Neighborhood Association (downtown Birmingham), a board member at Johnston Lofts Home Owners Association, and Vice President on the Birmingham Public Library Board.


Affiliations include the Birmingham Public Library Young Professionals, The Birmingham Change Fund, Associated Investors of Alabama Inc., and he is an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. In his spare time, James enjoys networking, business mentoring, and real estate investing, spending time with family, drawing, and painting.

Why choose James?

James is a certified financial education instructor. 

Those that earn their Certified Financial Education Instructor credentials take their place among the most highly-qualified personal finance educators in the nation, with proven ability to teach essential money management concepts effectively to people of all ages.

Graduates of the Certification program meet national standards set for financial education instructors and have demonstrated they competency on methods of teaching (pedagogy, teaching techniques & educational best practice) and on content knowledge of personal finance topics.

Graduates of the CFEI coursework successfully complete practical lessons that help them present financial education topics in a group or one-on-one setting. Graduates successfully completed 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a total of 30 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

James is a member of the Personal Finance Speaker Association.


The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association (PFSA) is the first national financial speakers bureau to feature financial education advocates, presenters, and speakers. Members range from celebrities and internationally-recognized finance speakers to volunteers and recent graduates of the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework.


The Association’s goal is to promote its members and offer organizations access to speakers that meet their needs. The NFEC works with people of all abilities – from novice to expert – who have a passion for personal finance advocacy and teaching financial literacy. The Personal Finance Speakers Association gives its members benefits to help them increase exposure and build professional résumés.


Our speakers form the backbone of our community initiatives. Speakers’ association members are directly responsible for helping people improve their financial capabilities, efforts that have a positive impact on many areas of people’s lives.

Members of the Personal Finance Speakers Association enjoy these benefits:


The National Financial Educators Council brings together Financial Literacy Speakers and advocates capable to conduct the highest quality financial education presentations, helping improve the personal finance capabilities of the people you serve. Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share a passion for teaching personal finance and have passed a rigorous program to become certified by the NFEC and are recognized as a qualified financial literacy speaker. They have proven skills at presenting to a variety of audiences, covering the gamut of money management concepts – from rudimentary to complex.

James's most requested and keynote coaching sessions

The Financial emPOWER U Series:


On a personal note. I hear you, I have been in the same predicament. I've seen my account in the negative and didn't know how that light bill was going to get paid. I was even close to losing the first home that I bought and It wasn't due to lack of income. The problem was my money was telling me what to do, not me telling my money what and where to go.


My one on one session helps individuals learn how to understand and manifest their motivations. Create a boss budget, SAVE more of YOUR money, & soar that credit score in less than one year. Put a dent in your debt, and leverage loans in your favor and lastly live an auto draft lifestyle! Tell your money where to go so you can save more, not live paycheck to paycheck, and feel comfortable about your bank account.


What do you get?

- 70 min one on one coaching session.

- 2 follow up emails within 30 days of each session.

- certificate of session completion.

- 25% discount on next session for referral.

mindest session

- motivation
- how does the mindset develop
- where did we learn about money
- money & emotions 
- dreams
- goals
- being a lifelong learner

budget session


- essentials vs spending
- can I afford that? vehicles
- let's learn to budget better!
- budget tips
- track your spending
- how I budget

credit session


- what is credit
- credit history

- your financial reputation

- repair, build, maintain your credit 

loans & debt session

- good debt v. bad debt

- how to pay off debt.

- car loans

- loan manager

- loan qualification
- consequences of loan default

freedom session


- live the auto draft lifestyle

- why people invest

- risk & potential

- types of investments

- find investments

- the stock market

- real estate investing 

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